About Us

C&S Products and Sourcing Service Ltd (C&S) is a privately owned company managed by an Australian currently living in China, providing a factory-direct manufacturing and sourcing service, with bilingual, proven, and trusted handpicked local staff.

We are located at the center of Guangdong in the southern coast of China. Guangdong is China’s richest province, mainly due to the explosion of its manufacturing industry and exports, which is a testament to its cost advantages when procuring products.

Having access to a vast manufacturing industry right at our front door has enabled us to supply quality products and offer an end-to-end sourcing service to businesses looking to procure goods from China.

With over five years’ experience in China, we understand the challenges involved with the cultural differences and difficulties that many people have when they deal with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, especially the different business practices. C&S solves this dilemma.

Combined with a deep understanding of both industrial and retail buying practices and requirements, our mission is simple. We strive to help our clients procure quality products at competitive prices by utilising the same high-quality manufacturing industry that is already supplying much of the world.

Our aim is to develop long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, quality service, and business integrity. We pride ourselves on making our clients’ requirements our number one priority. Since we have no preferred relationship with any of the suppliers, we ensure that we work exclusively for the benefit of the buyer.