Who We Are

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C&S Products and Sourcing Service Ltd (C&S) provide high-quality products, and custom manufacturing, direct from the factory to our clients. We service small businesses, needing hundreds of products to large companies needing hundreds of thousands of items, offering professional low-cost manufacturing sourcing to everyone.

The vast range of factory manufacturers located in China, can custom produce just about anything you want to your specific specifications. Since many of these factories also produce the same high-quality manufacturing that is already supplying much of the world, you can be assured that we will source a company to manufacture your products to the highest quality standards available.

While China is one of the leaders in quality, low-cost manufacturing, taking advantage of their manufacturing can be nearly impossible due to language, distance and cultural barriers. However, C&S has the specialized experience and connections to bring you all the advantages of China’s vast manufacturing industry. 
One thing you should be aware of when outsourcing to China is that products such as plastic, rubber, metal, etc. are approximately the same price anywhere in the world. Therefore, labor intensive products and ordering in large quantities benefit you the most.

We can organise to manufacture and deliver products to your specific specifications, right to your doorstep. Everything is done for you from the time you order until the time your product arrives at your door from the factory. We put some of the best manufacturing factories in the world into the palm of your hand. You will receive quality goods, at the lowest possible prices, direct from the factory and without having to make expensive and time-consuming business trips. Contact us and let us know your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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